About Us

Color-Glide offers painting and wall repair products. Use paint tubes to organize your paints and get rid of old bulky paint cans.

The time has come to fix your scuffed, scratched and damaged walls. Unfortunately, the hassle of opening a can of paint, stirring it, pouring it, finding, using and cleaning paint brushes leads most people to simply avoid the project all together.

Color-Glide Pro takes the hassles out of painting and wall repair. There is no cleanup time, and your paints can be stored for extended time periods and conveniently stored away for later use small areas like a kitchen drawer. Paint tubes by Color-Glide have become as useful as the kitchen sponge because magical erasers and scrubbing sponges don’t fix scratches, only paint does.

Color-Glide’s simple paint solution includes a hand held plastic tube that holds the paint and a felt-tipped applicator used to apply it. The paint is squeezed through a hole in the applicator.

There is no preparation time, no setup, and no cleanup. When finished painting just wipe the applicator with a paper towel and cap the tube until future use. There are no brushes to clean, no wasted paint, and no drips because you only squeeze out what you need.

The Color-Glide Pro is great to organize all your paints and allows you to recover all the extra space paint cans take from in your garage or basement.