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Company founder Scott Stevenson is the inventor of various applicator tube products over the past quarter-century and many of which have been used across the world. Applicator tubes are a package standard for a variety of products including cosmetics, pain reliefs, adhesives, and sun care.

Incentives to re-use architectural paint and dispose of paint cans

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applicator tube history

Over the years, Stevenson realized that one major area of concern and waste was in the househald painting sector with millions of wasted gallons of paint each year.

Most people store bulky paint cans in their garage until the labels are illegible and then delegated to just to taking up valuable space.

Stevenson took a new approach to applicator tubes. Instead of selling a prefilled paint tube with thousands of paint colors to choose from, Color-Glide provides storage and painting systems used to manage already purchased paints.

Color-Glide® Pro is an easy to use system to rid your home of bulky, hard-to-store paint cans by transferring the paint from the paint can into an easy to use tube. Now, organizing and quick painting jobs are done without any of the hassles of setting up or cleaning up.

color-glide's goals under a paint stewardship program

Color-Glide and Paint Stewardship Goals

California has mandated a paint recycling program named the California Paint Stewardship Program. Color-Glide owner Scott Stevenson calls the program a kind of “Ban the Un-Empty Can” program where the major paint manufacturers are required to support recycling efforts of unused paint and paint cans that litter our land fills. Gallon cans of paint purchased in California are now charged a 75 cent surcharge which is pooled to support recycling efforts. PaintCare, Inc. is a non-profit organization tasked with the operations and administration of the national paint stewardship program.

Color-Glide is a strong supporter of California’s Architectural Paint Recovery Program in supporting public outreach with products and information about proper paint care. This includes sampling programs, and support of PaintCare® public outreach programs. 

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Applicator tubes are easy to use

It is easy to use the paint applicator tube system and takes the fear out of do-it-your self projects for millions of people. It's clean and easy painting anytime painting without a paintbrush.

Applicator tubes allow for easy paint color management

It is also easy to maintain and store paint tubes. Each tube has areas to write information about the paint color, project and location, and the paint filled can be stored for long time periods because of the air-tight protective cap.

Get rid of those old bulky paint cans.

Now you can get rid of those old rusty paint cans with out throwing out the paint with it. Just store what you need for seasonal touch-ups or small projects and dispose of the paint empty can.

Features of paint applicator tubes

Forget about drop cloths, blue tape, can openers, paint stir sticks, tray, paint brushes, paint thinner and shop towels! No need to wash any brushes and waste any water. Best of all, rid yourself of big bulky paint cans!

With Color-Glide® Pro paint applicator tubes there is no cleanup and paint can be stored conveniently for later use in a small area like a kitchen drawer.

The applicator paint tubes are a convenient long-term reminder of proper paint stewardship, a cornerstone of responsible paint use.

Typical positive review of paint applicator tubes

"No mess, no drips and minimal clean-up after use. After use just put the cap on the paint tube to re-use later. Color-Glide® Pro will remain a valued addition to my ‘do-it-yourself’ tool set for crafts and also for upcoming house painting projects. It will be so convenient to have a mess-free tool for painting touch-ups and help with surface areas like doors and window frames."

Widely recommended and easy to use

Thousands of paint applicator tubes have been used for paint stewardship and millions of applicator tubes have been used worldwide for the clean and effect storage and applicaton of liquids.  Currently paint applicator tubes are exclusively available through ColorGlide to the genral public and at online retail locations like Sears, Amazon.com, Etsy and visible on social sites like Pinterest and Facebook.

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