Color-Glide® Pro Patch Paint n Go with Homax wall repair

The Color-Glide paint tube and Homax hole patch tube kit includes one paint applicator tube with paint transfer pump, a Homax brand hole filler tube, and a replacement painting applicator.

Homax Nail Hole Patch is shrink-resistant spackle in a handy squeeze tube. The EZ-Dab Applicator enables precise, no mess application. It’s easy to fill nail and screw holes, cracks and gouges in walls and ceilings. No tools, troweling or sanding needed. Use Homax Nail Hole Patch on interior drywall, plaster, paneling, trim and more. Dries in one hour, is paintable, and cleans up with water. Nail Hole Patch, 5.3oz retail priced at $8.99 (

The kit also include a spare applicator for when the existing applicator either wears out or you need a fresh start after mixing colors.

Reclaim the storage space in your garage being used by old bulky paint cans. Stop avoiding small paint projects because the hassle of having to set-up and then clean-up. Use Color-Glide paint applicator tubes for applying and storing paint and Homax products for wall repair. With Color-Glide Pro paint applicator tubes you only need to pump, paint and store your paints. Painting projects are now easier than ever, no more time consuming paint setup and messy paint brush cleanup at the sink.