The Contradiction of DIY Painting

A major home improvement survey recently revealed household painting as one of the most avoided home projects, ranked just behind cleaning junk out of the garage, clearing a rain gutter and washing dirty windows.

So then, why are entire aisle of home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot dedicated to painting. Usually when there is a job people really dislike doing, why give it so much attention? Why not bury the entire subject along the lines of unclogging a toilet, and just offer a simple plunger as the solution. The reason is the contradiction of the above facts. People love color, and love to have their space the way they want it to be. In the paint aisle color sample cards and the designer paint brands take up must of the space. Your color defines your space almost more than anything else in a room. The paint brands pay to advertise to you to make you emotionally connect to getting involved in painting. Companies are out there to sell you stuff, so available to you is a bunch stuff like paint brushes, trays and rollers. Rounding out the area includes paint-prep supplies like masking tape, drop cloths, buckets and finally there are the painting gadgets.

So, ultimately people hate painting but actually really love it.?

I wanted to figure this out. How can it be both a love and hate relationship? there had to be something more.

There was something more.

Picking colors and imagining a new look in your home is fun, and the act of painting is relatively easy once you are actually painting. The reason people hate painting is the set-up, clean-up, the hassle of all those things in the paint aisle being offered. Additionally there is the time investment for the set-up and clean-up, and finally and maybe most importantly the risk management. Ever spilled paint before? That’ll bring tears to your eyes in the middle of your painting job.

In conclusion, let’s remove the contradiction and make the painting experience only a joyful one. Here’s an idea, put a Color-Glide Pro tube in my hand with the paint already in it, available 24-7 with no set-up time and no clean-up time, no risk of spill, and no more painting kit full of tape, buckets, drop cloth, nothing. Just the painter and the painting applicator tube. It’s Paint ‘n Go.

On the other hand We better watch out, if we make it that easy, we might be in the aisle with the toilet plunger. Color-Glide. Simple Easy Fun.