Positive reviews for a fabulously simple problem solver.

How do you know if you should buy a product? Most likely a recommendation from a friend will help.

We designed a squeezable tube to hold and apply your exact paint. Squeezable tube are easy to use and inexpensive and for decades tubes have been used from every thing from toothpaste to food and industrial adhesives. Paint applicator tubes are unlike big cans of paint and paint brushes that you have to hold just right. Color-Glide Pro paint products consists of a simple squeeze tube with a built-in an applicator head.

The paint brush in its current form has been around for hundreds of years where Color-Glide is a new yet proven solution for paint application and storage. The tube has electrostatic fibers at the top of the flexible foam application head designed for smooth paint application. The foam tip applicator head has a center hole where the paint is squeezed from inside the tube onto the applicator surface making touch-ups quick, clean and easy.

TAke a look at what some recent customers have said about the product. Maybe, you’ll give it a try.

this image shows the different sizes of the Color-Glide Pro paint applicator tubes

this image shows the different sizes of the Color-Glide Pro paint applicator tubes

Karen bought five Color-Glide Pro tubes so she could have enough for every paint color in her house; others commented, “Once you begin using Color-Glide Pro paint tubes you will not only have one for each color in your home, you will begin to use them for the special painting projects because they are so handy and always ready to use.”

“Much easier than a paint brush!”

“I’ve been imagining a product just like this and if they hadn’t invented this genius of a little squirt tube, I would have been on it like a fly to honey. It’s that smart.”,
I am really impressed with how easy this system is to use. I am going to keep my Color-Glide Pro bottles full of different colored paints so that when the need arises…I will be ready and I won’t have to lug up heavy paint cans from our basement. Fabulous product!

“Does an excellent touch up job on textured surfaces,”
“I loved how easy it was and also how it painted more smoothly than a big brush had.”
“I was really surprised at how easy it was to do and it got into all of the nooks & crannies.”
“Equally impressive is that I had no drips or runs in the wet paint which was super cool.”
“It’s as easy as having a marker around. A marker that holds the exact color paint you need inside.” “Imagine the possibilities – you’ll never have to look at scuff marks again”
“This is an awesome product! Beats having to store paint cans with a tiny amount left in the bottom.”
This is a long-overdue great idea!
“They work great, just what I was looking for!”
“This product is great! Highly recommend!”
“Brilliant idea”.
“Love these things!”
“One of my favorite things about the Color-Glide Pro, is that there’s no wasting paint, and I can put the top on it, and put it up until we need to touch up again.”;

It’s so easy to use, you just squeeze out a little paint and touch up the area. … And the best part is I didn’t even have to prep the space because there are no drips.

ColorGlide Pro is great! I have used them on a room I painted for touch-up after the grand-kids visited. They worked perfectly, and the paint stays fresh.

No more hanging on to clunky, messy, half used cans of paint! The Color-Glide Pro makes repainting walls so easy, I almost hope my children will drag a blue block along the grey wall to leave marks.”
The system is extremely easy to use and virtually has no messy clean up. Kids love the easy-grip bottle, while parents enjoy less stress and no mess. Store kids’ paint in Color-GlidePros for a more organized approach to artistic fun.

Barb Webb of RuralMom.com wraps it all up and comments: “No mess, no drips and minimal clean-up after. I put the cap on the paint tube to re-use later and simply rinsed out the pump with warm water. ColorGlide Pro will remain a valued addition to my “do-it-yourself” tool set for crafts and also for upcoming house painting projects. It will be so convenient to have a mess-free tool for painting touch-ups and help with surface areas like doors and window frames.”.
Why we need it.

Sometimes scuffs or scratches on walls or baseboards sometimes can’t be washed off. A magical eraser won’t remove stubborn marks that only a paint job will fix. The ColorGlide Pro tube allows you to quickly and easily cover those spots with paint.

Color-Glide Pro is an innovative brushless painting system with a painting tube, applicator and paint transfer pump. There is a stainless steel ball bearing in the tube that mixes the paint. Perfect for covering scratches and scuffs as well as small paint projects.

Stevenson says “Color-Glide Pro is simple by design; it solves common problems assoiated with painting and provides it more cost effective than a moderately priced paintbrush.”
There is no cleanup and your paints can be stored for extended time periods and conveniently placed for later use in small areas like a kitchen drawer.

The unique design makes touch-ups fast and easy. Simply fill the see-though tube with your own paint color with the included paint transfer pump. The applicator has a center hole to let paint flow onto the all-surface blending applicator with a squeeze. The applicator’s special flocking blends the paint so there are no brush marks to show the touch-up. When finished, wipe or rinse the applicator, and replace the protective overcap and store for later use.

The Color-Glide Pro painting tubes are perfect great for touching up scratches, scuffs, and hard to remove stains. Additionally they have proved to be great for smaller paint projects and if if you cant finish the project in one sitting, or you need to paint several coats or colors, you can stop anythime you want, cap the tube, abd then return to the project later because the paint tubes can be stored for long periods of time.

Small detailed paint jobs now take seconds instead of several minutes. Troubles and hassles of cutting in around light sockets and baseboards is a thing of the past. Just pump in some paint to the Color-Glide Pro tube, paint what you need.