Magic Eraser failed when it magically took off my paint

According to the Magic Eraser made by Proctor & Gamble is made of melamine, basically a type of hard plastic that is blown into tiny bubbles and then cut to a rectangular block and sold to you as a household stain eraser.  That is well enough and people love them.  Here’s the rub.  Its like fine sandpaper.  If you rub your painted walls too hard or long… goodbye nice paint job.

A little research uncovered comments that frame up this common problem with the Magic Eraser:

Magic Eraser took my paint off!

“Unless it’s a washable marker, you are just gonna have to repaint. For future reference  magic erasers are a chemical made abrasive foam. They work by removing a thin layer of the surface. Be very careful what you use them on. It depends on the color and texture of the wall, also what type of paint was used on the wall and the type of marker. Red sharpie or crayola will soak into lighter colors of latex or water based paint pretty good, especially if its a vibrant red. Your best bet is a coat of primer to seal it then a couple coats of paint to patch the spot. Any kind of scrubbing will take the paint off.” Well said contributors at

Stubborn scuffs can’t be removed with magical sponges because if rubbed too hard the paint comes right off the wall, and with scratches, the paint is already gone so only a paint job will do. Unfortunately, painting over imperfections with a paintbrush is inconvenient.

So, when it is time to spruce up the place and remove those scuffs, scratches, and nail holes on the wall; or maybe there’s a craft project on the list, or some home improvements, hopefully thought of pulling out the old rusty paint won’t lead you to put paint projects off to some future date.

Now you can solve the problem of where the Magic Eraser’s magic ends. A quick and easy way to cover scuffs and scratches for good, not by erasing, by covering them with the exact matched paint.  Color-Glide Pro is the first product developed to eliminate the hassles associated with small project painting. Color-Glide Pro is an inexpensive paint tube with an applicator attached that allows paint to be stored and used anytime for fast and easy painting. No paint brush is needed so it eliminates the hassle of having to search for the right paint, set-up and dealing with the drips normally associated with painting.

Picture of Color-Glide Pro Paint Applicator tube in use

Picture of Color-Glide Pro Paint Applicator tube in use