Patch Kits only Solve Half of Your Problem

Why do patch kits leave off halfway through the project?  If you are handy enough to keep paintbrushes around you probably have spackle and a putty knife in your painting supplies.  The spackle is likely to be dried out by now, so that’s a trip to the store.

For those other thousands of people who don’t keep hardware supplies around are the same people who end up with a damaged wall and have no solution to repair it except load up on supplies, and do-it-yourself.

The following list represents what other professional recommend for repairing a damaged wall. Drywall compound, something to spread it on the walls like a putty knife, sand paper, paint brush, or roller and pan, primer, paint, utility knife, hammer.

Most patch kits offer the first half and then you are on your own in the paint aisle of Lowe’s or Home Depot.

You want to patch a hole in your wall with very little hassle both in your pocket book and then just get rid of everything else after your done.  Who wants to store all those extra painting tools around.   Do this.  purchase an all-in-one patch and paint kit that provides a whole solution.  The Patch Paint ‘n Go is a all-in-one solution that includes every thing you find in a normal drywall patch kit plus that something no-one else offers.  The paint applicator tube.  The paint applicator tube allows you to put your own perfect matched color into the tube and use the installed felted applicator head to act as the paint brush.

Other patch only kits include

DryDex® Spackling – Goes on pink, dries white with 4 in. x 4 in. flexible, self-adhesive perforated aluminum patch and 4 in. x 3 in. 100-grit sand paper

Elmer’s RediSpack, putty knife, Elmer’s RediSpack patches, sanding sponge, Elmer’s all-purpose cleaning wipes

Beware, multiple use spackle and joint compound dry out easily.  If you have stored some don’t be suprized when you go back to it.  It is notorious for drying out. With the Patch Paint ‘n Go Kit, the joint compound is delivered in a dry packet that you just a little water to it.

With the Patch Paint ‘n Go you have everything you need when the time comes to repair that ugly hole.

Patch Paint 'n Go Box Top