Patch Paint ‘n Go Easy 2-Step

$16.99 $9.99


Get your rental deposit back from your landlord without buying messy tools and materials.

The Patch Paint ‘n Go Easy 2-Step is Homax brand spackle in a Color-Glide Pro paint system.
The paint system includes a specialty paint applicator tube and paint transfer pump that allows you to put your color-matched paint into the tube and finish the painting after your have filled in your holes. Step 1 use the spackle applicator to fill the holes. Step 2, use the Color-Glide Pro applicator tube to paint over the patch hole, No tools needed! No paintbrush, no putty knife, no tub of spackle, no setup, no cleanup. This offer is not available anywhere but on this website. Homax hole filler and a Color-Glide Pro paint applicator tubes are usually $9.49 each, shipping included. Order here today and receive a $20 value for $12.99. FREE SHIPPING TO YOUR DOOR!